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Brisket 101 with KG

Oddwood Brewing 3108 Manor Rd, Austin, TX 78723

Gift your loved one the great skill of smoking a legendary brisket!

Chef Kareem Elghayesh, owner and pit master of KG BBQ, moved from Cairo to Austin to learn how to smoke Meats from the masters in the industry. Now he’s here to bring you the best knowledge you need in order to become the pit master of your own backyard and smoke a mean brisket that will impress everyone!

You will learn:

1. How to choose a brisket in the store, grading and marbling.

2. Anatomy of the brisket and how to trim, season and handle a raw brisket.

3. Theory of the smoking process, any questions on any smokers are welcome to the table.

4. Cooking, wrapping, finishing and resting the brisket.

5. Slicing a cooked brisket.


Smoked brisket

Egyptian style Mac n cheese

Pomegranate bbq sauce

sumac pickled onions

Egyptian style smoked bread pudding

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